VJ Metcraft (India) Pvt Limited was set up in 2013 in Hyderabad to manufacture Metal Cladding products for the insulation industry. We came into existence when two experts Mr. Venkata Ravindra Paruchuri and Mr. Kondreddi Bapi Raju joined forces to create a trustworthy and reliable supplier for the insulation industry. 

The founders of VJ Metcraft quickly identified the gap in the industry for custom, high quality cladding. They decided to engineer their products to enable durability and provide a wide range of products under one roof. Our two directors have set out to ensure the delivered products are customized and safe. We are also fortunate to have two other directors Mrs.Vijaya Paruchuri and Mrs. Jagadeeswari Kondreddi on our board of directors whose industrial expertise and knowledge is indispensable.

Our Vision

VJ Metcraft aims to be the leading supplier of insulation materials. We have set up our 17000 sq. ft, state of the art premises. Under the expertise and guidance of our founders, our engineers are constantly developing sustainable products that require low maintenance. Due to its attractive features and plentiful benefits, cladding has wide residential, commercial, and industrial applications. The booming construction industry, increasing infrastructure requirements, non-residential and residential activities, high durability needs, and the ability to improve the aesthetic appearance of buildings have propelled the insulation industry in recent times. We aim to be a pioneer in ushering in this demand.

Our Mission

At VJ Metcraft India, we primarily cater to the Petrochemical, Oil & Gas, and Power Plant industries. Our 17000 Sq Ft premises are  equipped with state-of-the-art equipment designed to create customized products for the aforementioned industries. Besides this, our facility is also equipped to produce an annual capacity of 6000 MT of metal cladding and 5 million pieces of seals, springs, etc.

Our Team

Venkata Ravindra Paruchuri

Founder & Director

Bapiraju Kondreddi

Founder & Director


Commercial Manager


Facility Manager

Why Us

Industry Experts

Our founders have 30 years of experience individually and ensure that the products created are structurally sound and viable.

Customized Products

We customize products for sectors such as oil and gas, petrochemical, and power plants.

One-Stop Provider

Our wide range of products we manufacture on our own premises makes it easy to find everything under one roof.

Strategy & Planning

We bring the right people together to challenge

Our Partners

VJMetcraft is supplying Insulation materials and Accessories to leading Refineries in India and Abroad.