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The exact project cost depends on its complexity, but we always calculate it at the beginning of our cooperation. Food to Go Order App Development Hospitality An application for pre-ordering food, where you can find all of your city restaurants, place an order and takeout your meal without wasting time waiting for it. We have digital marketing experts that help in the building a virtual presence of your app after its launch. You can easily manage the packages you want to share with your clients, customers, agents etc.

travel solutions and hospitality software development

At AOX Apps, we specialise in customising hospitality and travel software solutions to meet the specific needs of the sector. Computools holds ISO certification for Quality management systems, meeting international requirements for security, customer focus, and a process-based approach in software development. Hospitality suite software, hotel budgeting software, or any other solutions that meet your business needs, hospitality development services by Emerline teams will allow you to make the most out of your investments in technology. With years-long expertise, our software development experts can deliver you unique and tailor-made hospitality and travel solutions that meet all modern requirements.

Outstaff Development Company

Bifurcate the confirm reservations, cancelled ones, refunded ones, refund-initiated ones, waiting ones, and other sections. This will simplify the confusion and avoid clumsiness from your business with our hotel reservation solutions. Zenesys helped the client by making their CMS easy to use and uploading content effortlessly. Our unparalleled approach helped our clients resolve the difficulty they were facing while operating their website. Chetu can build a completely scalable, encrypted, and secure suite of management tools for all casino operations from managing slots and live tables to back-of-the-house surveillance and key player targeting. Working in close collaboration with the client on and off-site, we developed a single Android app with pre-set designs for each suite type.

travel solutions and hospitality software development

For an accurate estimation of the travel website, you need to share detailed specifications with the travel portal development company. That enables travel reservation companies to manage their services, itineraries, and offers to provide ideal booking experience to their customers. This can include flight bookings, lodging, activities, travel packages, etc. Having worked with Belitsoft as a service provider, I must say that I’m very pleased with the company’s policy.

Dedicated Development Teams

Wynn turned to our team to create an essential hotel app, including an array of booking options, guest services, and a universal digital booklet for the resort. Expending their chain with one more giant hotel, the client turned to Intellectsoft for a universal smart room app — their first outsourcing software development experience. Modernize existing systems to meet rising customer demands for convenience and experience. Digitization enables insurers to manage Big Data and enhance claims handling mechanisms with new data management infrastructure and machines.

travel solutions and hospitality software development

Chetu offers customized amusement park & attractions management software solutions built with tailor-made modules for everything from preventative park maintenance and repairs to ticketing and visitor management. Chetu’s expert developers built interoperable, scalable, and customizable restaurant management software systems fully loaded with custom features to help restaurant operations run smoothly while optimizing their ROI. Our expert travel portal developers create online travel portals with agent and agency-tiered access, central booking management dashboards, travel content mapping, commissions management, search & filtering functions, and more. Intellectsoft hotel management software integration with third-party systems for residential and commercial properties allows our clients to get robust solutions to take advantage of existing investments.

Our Travel and Hospitality Software Development Solutions

Contact us to find out how long it will take to develop the technology you need. Point of Sale allows you to track sales, manage orders, control inventory, and generate reports. With an efficient POS system, you will reduce the time of delivery and financial analysis.

  • Provide a custom user experience with interactive design to bridge the gap between your brand and technology.
  • With Acropolium, you can either create a new system or integrate your solution into an existing one, linking it to hospitality and travel agencies.
  • We have digital marketing experts that help in the building a virtual presence of your app after its launch.
  • Devico has extensive expertise and a well-tuned workflow to provide the needed functionality within the stated time frame.
  • Zenesys will empower your business with robust but easy to use ticket booking software that will help your conclude a booking session error free.
  • Computools’ experience in developing service-based warehouse management software can help you optimize your inventory management processes, reduce costs, improve customer service, and make data-driven decisions.

The cost depends upon the quality of travel and hospitality software that you want to get developed. The number of features increases, the quality of software, laguage and framework also does increases. Nothing can be better than providing a great experience for your users. Zenesys develops cross-platform and native applications, offering travel solutions and hospitality software development customized services to your users in order to entice them and bolster customer engagement. We develop full-suite casino management software solutions for efficient regulatory & compliance reporting, accounting, and audits, along with Title 31 monitoring. Enable contactless hotel operations with Intellectsoft mobile and kiosk solutions.

Travel Software Benefits

AR and VR technologies enable travel & hospitality businesses to enhance physical environments to encourage more tourists. For over 20 years in the fintech industry, we’ve been delivering custom high-quality software that revolutionizes our partners’ businesses making them swift, agile, and cost-effective. We’ve got you covered with the extensive choice of inventory that GP Solutions taps into. Automate inventory processes to keep them under close control and connect with customers with the best product offering possible. Get the opportunity to overcome software development challenges, build a reliable IT business cornerstone and jumpstart in the industry. We provide efficient engineering services that help companies achieve improved audience engagement, high efficiency and explore new revenue generation opportunities.

Yanolja Cloud Acquires Leading B2B Travel Solution Provider, Go … – PR Newswire

Yanolja Cloud Acquires Leading B2B Travel Solution Provider, Go ….

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Use big data technologies to improve revenue management and make data-driven business decisions. CRM / ERP software for hotel business is a must if you want to control customer data, orders, and booking details. It allows you to optimize room management and improve your marketing campaigns by making personalized offers to guests. We are tapping into the power of digital world, creating high impact solutions to boost the business efficiency.

Hotel budgeting software

With Intellectsoft’s impactful loyalty and reward solutions, it becomes easy to build emotional commitments by encouraging your clients to adopt particular behaviors and attitudes. It is equally essential for hospitality companies to hard-wire the pursuit of such commitment into their operations. Hellasgarden is the Rental Management System that allows customers to easily book online, ensuring paid reservations for a company. A web service allows for managing all the bookings, upcoming orders, equipment availability, and creating reports. This includes the frontend, backend, security elements, and every other aspect of your app. Once we verify it’s ready for users, you can confidently make your software for hospitality available to your customers or employees.

travel solutions and hospitality software development

We build solutions with automated reporting for settling accounts and seamlessly navigate payments history. We have earned a decent name by delivering profitable website development services for a competitive price. Our team is committed to building the highest-quality IT solution to help you increase ROI. Whether you need to build brand-new software or advance existing infrastructure, we’ll embark on the project to optimise your travel business workflows and ensure cutting-edge digital customer experiences. Leverage our expertise in the delivery of inventory management solutions for travel to take better control over listings, allotments, availability, and pricing and take a confident step into your business tech future.

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Clients can, therefore, enjoy round-the-clock access all offers and information. There’s a high demand for custom solutions, making this a worthwhile investment. We are amazed by the performance of the iPhone app that AOX Apps has provided.

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