Aluminum Perforated

VJ Metcraft is also producing perforation Sheets for personal protection and other engineering applications in Aluminium / Stainless Steel /Carbon Steel as per customer requirements.

Original price was: ₹999.00.Current price is: ₹699.00.

Aluminium/Stainless Steel /Carbon Steel are available in: 

Thickness: 0.4mm (0.016″), 0.50mm (0.020″), 0.60mm (0.024″), 0.70mm (0.028″), 0.080 mm (0.032″), 0.90mm (0.036″), 1.00mm (0.040″) & 1.20mm (0.048”)

Width: Standard widths are 914 MM (36″) & 1219 MM (48”), custom widths ranging from 500mm to 1220mm can be provided

Length: Specific Roll lengths and Sheet lengths can be provided as per customer requirements.


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